Easily Tired Me Out – A review of “Going Down Easy” by Erin Nicholas

Having enjoyed Erin Nicholas’ books before I’ve been looking forward to the Boys of the Big Easy series, and as a native of Louisiana I love all things NOLA, so I was pumped about “Going Down Easy.” The dual protagonists, Gabe Trahan and Addison Sloane, have been hooking up once a month when she comes into town on a consulting job and only after she accepts a full time job in the Big Easy do they discover they are both single parents. Whoa! But as their relationship deepens, questions bubble to the surface about what completely merging their lives will demand of them.

The story is moving along at a good clip, with some steamy love scenes interspersed, when all of a sudden Gabe comes to the realization of what being fully committed means and he stomps on the brakes. Then he proceeds to ride those brakes to the point of burnout with his ambivalence and feelings of inadequacy. His internal blathering tired me out to where I was skimming the last quarter of the book. At only 237 pages to begin with, this could’ve easily been paired down to a novella. A sweet story that drags on for too long. Three stars.

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