Rare Treat – A review of “Surrendered Stories” by Kristin Fouquet

As a general rule, I seldom choose short stories to satisfy my literary appetite because unless it is done well, the reader is still hungry after what should have been a satisfying repast. Short story telling is a high art form and “Surrendered Stories” is classic high art.

Author Kristin Fouquet is a master storyteller who makes storytelling look easy, even though it is the opposite. Her writing is erudite, occasionally witty, even charming, and full of irony, but it is never stuffy. In this collection of stories with accompanying black and white photographs, Fouquet upholds her professional reputation as both wordsmith and photographer. Her writing and photos are crisp, spare, and eloquent. If I had to choose a favorite from this collection it would be “Margaux’s Understudy”. A most satisfying and rare treat indeed. Oui, cher.

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