Witness Protection Subject Pairs w/Aspiring Politician – A review of “Married by Monday” by Catherine Bybee

Sometimes a case can be made for hiding in plain sight. After years of constant relocation as a person in witness protection, Eliza Havens doesn’t want to pull up stakes and move on again. She has work that is fulfilling and friends, really good friends. And then there is Carter Billings. Even though they’d always engaged in a pseudo-adversarial back and forth, a deep undercurrent of sexual tension between them has been steadily emerging and can not long be ignored. And that presents a different set of problems because Carter is running for Governor, of California no less. Not only will the relationship be high profile but her life and her background will be examined under the public’s microscope. To add to the pressure, Carter’s campaign manager is bugging him to “marry the girl” to improve his standing in the polls. Which would make Eliza even more visible. Can they afford to take that gamble?

“Married by Monday” is book 2 in the Weekday Brides series and is a much more satisfying read than book 1. The suspenseful plot is very good and well developed and the pacing is spot on. I couldn’t put it down ‘cuz I kept reading “just one more page” and, as a result, I was almost late for an appointment. Bybee’s characters are authentic and mostly likable, especially Carter. Yum! Several others we’ve met previously and will continue to put in appearances in future books in this series, which is kinda’ nice. Like getting together with old friends.

I could easily classify this as romantic suspense. High on the suspense end and less so in the romance department. In fairness though, the love scenes are a bit racier than in book 1 but still not “X-rated” by any stretch. If you’re looking for a good beach read for the summer, add “Married by Monday” to your TBR pile. Or, if you’re just in the mood for a feel-good read, this is a good one. Four stars.

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