You Only “Think” You Know Your Partner – “Lying Next to Me” by Gregg Olsen

I’m figuratively scratching my head as I struggle to explain a five star rating on a book teeming with scheming, duplicitous characters possessed of few redeeming qualities. In “Lying Next to Me” author Gregg Olsen takes top honors for a riveting thriller with a multi-layered plot laid out in a maze of twists and turns that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. I can’t help wondering if one of his goals was to have the detectives be the only characters with a conscience or if that was mere happenstance? The deeper into the story I got, the more their true natures were revealed. These are not people you’d want for friends or neighbors. The double meaning in the book title soon emerges as I nod and say to myself, “Oh yeah, ain’t that the truth.” The narrative is delivered in turns by five main characters, one of whom is the lead detective. It is chilling in its intensity, machiavellian in nature and guaranteed to keep you reading well past bedtime. I loved it and hated it. Five stars.

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