A Modern Day Arranged Marriage

Catherine Bybee’s “Wife by Wednesday” is a modern day version of a “marriage of convenience” romance. Samantha Elliot runs a matchmaking service for wealthy men looking for “suitable” women applicants from which they can select a wife. Strictly business arrangements with stringent requirements tailored to fit each client’s needs. Billionaire Blake Harrison needs a wife quickly to meet the requirements of his late father’s will and when he meets with Sam to review the applicants she’s selected, he’s already made up his mind. Sam is exactly what he’s looking for. Naturally there’s a hefty payoff involved which Sam desperately needs to pay for her sister’s stay in a long-term care facility. And they agree at the outset that the “marriage” has a one year expiration date. Problem is, their hearts don’t know about the expiration.

Bybee’s characters are well developed and not static as they continue to grow and develop throughout the story. The plot isn’t exactly original but it has a few twists that keep it interesting and the pacing is perfect. The dialogue is entertaining – witty, occasionally snarky, sometimes funny and of course there’s the romance, which is what we signed up for. The love scenes are not at all explicit, leaving most everything except for some heavy petting to the reader’s imagination.

So if you’re looking for a sweet, quick summer romantic read with a HEA, this first book in the Weekday Brides series should fill the bill. Why did I rate it only three and a half stars? As enjoyable as it was to read, it’s not very substantial and the epilogue is so sugary it makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it. Is that fair? Maybe not but it’s my call. In my opinion, better to have skipped the epilogue altogether.

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