Romance Done Right – A review of “Dance With Me” by Kristen Proby

I’m happy to report that Kristen Proby is back on track doing what she does best. Romance. “Dance With Me” is twelfth in the “With Me in Seattle” series and I’m so glad I didn’t desert. Yeah I know. How could I even consider it, right? But a couple of titles in another series fell way short of the mark for me so I’m happy that I stuck it out and waited for this one.

In “Dance With Me” we get to know singer/dancer/songwriter and performer extraordinaire Starla (NLN) and Detective Levi Crawford of Seattle PD. It had taken months for Levi to get past what turned into a one night stand with Starla. Later she turns up living across the street when her doctor insists on a three month hiatus from touring and performing. When she reconnects with Levi, the attraction has lost none of its electricity. It still sizzles. But Starla has acquired a stalker and Levi is determined to protect her now that he’s found her again.

I’m a diehard romance fan and Proby delivers this time with a thriller plot that really cranks up the heat. The attraction between Levi and Starla was already near boiling and with threats on her life, the gauges are firmly in the red zone.

The dual POV narrative is delivered in alternating chapters by Starla and Levi and the plot is meaty enough to sink your teeth into. Even though we were introduced to this duo earlier, we really get to know them and their backstories clue us in on their motivations. So if you enjoy reading hot, tear up the sheets love scenes, you’re in for a real treat. Pure escapism at its best. Five sizzlin’ stars.

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