Friends Make the Best Lovers – A review of “Imperfect Match” by Corinne Michaels and Melanie Harlow

Who doesn’t love a friends-to-lovers romance? But when they’re best friends there’s so much at stake if the lovers part goes south. In “Imperfect Match” Willow Hayes is in line to take over her mother’s matchmaking business. So why not set up her best friend on a date? Reid Fortino seemingly has all the desirable attributes a girl could expect so it should be easy peasy to match him up with a date. Only Willow didn’t expect the green-eyed monster of jealousy to rear its ugly head at the prospect of seeing Reid with another woman.

Co-authors Corinne Michaels and Melanie Harlow dished up a feast of fresh, witty dialogue that had me grinning and laughing out loud and the characters are so well drawn they seem like our friends too. The only fly in the ointment is Willow whose dithering and negative self-talk gets old fast, so much so that it occasionally borders on paranoia. Reid on the other hand seems embarrassingly normal at first but his flaws eventually come to light too. When the lovers discover that their hopes and dreams for the future not only don’t merge, they wildly diverge, it creates a chasm that seems impossible to bridge. If only they can find some common ground that will allow them to meet in the middle. Can’t best friends do that when the stakes are so high? You’ll have to read it to find out. I can promise you’ll love it. Four stars.

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