The Cost of Eternal Youth – A review of “The Price of Time” by Tim Tigner

Tim Tigner has done it again with a rip-roaring, gut-twisting thriller that will put the fear of God into anyone over the age of 40. Say what you will but our society disrespects age and reveres youth. What’s not to like when a group of scientists comes up with the formula that halts aging? No more faces lined with wrinkles, no paunchy guts or cracker butts and no more middle-aged spread.

In “The Price of Time” Zachary Chase and Skylar Fawkes pair up to solve the mystery of the seemingly random disappearances that keep popping up. What’s happening to them? They simply disappear, never to be seen or heard from again. This is heart-pounding action and an original plot that may cause some sleepless nights. Tigner’s prose is at times elegant, always crisp and tightly written, with ‘nary a wasted word. He is a master craftsman and has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Truly a writer’s writer. Five stars.

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