One-Upmanship – A review of “Anything You Can Do” by RS Grey

In RS Grey’s “Anything You Can Do” Daisy and Lucas grew up next door to each other constantly trying to one-up the other. And they have kept their rivalry going for 28 years. That rivalry took many forms over the years; practical jokes, pranks, school and sports competitions, family functions, mischief in the classroom, dances, plays, etc. Now Daisy is a fully fledged doctor who has dreamed of owning her own practice in her hometown of Hamilton, Texas. Lucas has also just completed his residency and is vying to take over the same family practice. Now the competition is on full bore.

This rom-com based on a love/hate relationship, has an entertaining and original plot with perfect pacing. The dialogue is full of wit and humor and is sometimes laugh out loud funny. But Daisy is not a very likable protagonist. She’s manipulative, devious, self-serving, immature and a first class beeyatch with few redeeming qualities. Compared to Daisy, Lucas should be wearing a halo, although he’s hardly blameless, as the rivalry could not have been sustained without input from both sides. For me, the humor is tainted by Daisy’s tactical plotting and scheming. It’s rare that I actually dislike the main character in a rom-com but I found Daisy hard to take. I know my opinion won’t be popular but I calls ‘em like I sees ‘em. On the plus side, the writing style is absolutely pitch perfect. I loved “Hotshot Doc” by this author but “Anything You Can Do” doesn’t quite measure up. Three and a half stars.

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