A Dog and His Man – A review of “One Good Dog”

Former titan of industry and self-made man Adam March is brought low by a court-mandated community service sentence in a men’s homeless shelter and consigned to a third floor walkup. Adam was having the classic “bad day” when he lost it and slapped his PA. So the sentencing judge thinks Adam needs a lesson in humility. Needs to lose the arrogant attitude. All this while his soon-to-be ex-wife continues in her lavish lifestyle, draining what little is left of his liquid assets.

During his stint at the soup kitchen Adam unwillingly acquires a dog. Not just a dog but a Pit Bull mix who was raised and trained to fight. Chance bears the marks and scars of a fighter because that was his job in his former life but he’s not a mean dog regardless of his looks. As they’re thrown together Chance and Adam are merely cohabiting but they slowly develop a mutual respect, each learning to trust the other and a deep bond between man and dog begins to form.

In “One Good Dog” author Susan Wilson has gifted us with a heartwarming story of hope and redemption. The narrative is delivered by the voices of Adam and Chance. If you’ve ever wondered how your dog would sound if he could speak as we do, you need wonder no more. Susan Wilson has the dog’s POV down pat. Don’t get me wrong. This is not a comedy but the running commentary from the dog’s perspective is enlightening and definitely offers some of the lighter moments as well as some of the darkest. All the elements of a well told story are here; original plot, intriguing dialogue and characters you can believe in. A worthwhile read for sure. Five stars.

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