“Junk Mail” by Kendall Ryan – Recycle?

I’m a diehard KR fan and had been anticipating the release of “Junk Mail” so it pains me to leave a ho-hum review but…..needs must. The dual protagonists, Josh and Peyton, are not fully developed. We get no back stories, no explanations for their career choices or past relationships. And beyond the launch of Peyton’s new product, we have no idea of her hopes, dreams, etc. The only character that has any real soul is Gram. The opening gambit is clever and attention getting but then the dialogue melts into mediocrity as it continues to belabor the size of Josh’s junk. The promise of more hi-jinks is never realized. Ryan does an excellent job of conveying the undeniable chemistry between Josh and Peyton in the early pages but that sparking connection with the reader kinda’ fizzles to a sputter. As that old commercial said; “Where’s the beef?”

I’ve grumbled before about paying $3.99 for KR novels that are closer to being novellas than book-length and, in my opinion, that argument remains a valid one. Next time I may be less likely to click on that “Buy Now with 1-click” button. Three stars.

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