Silence is Golden – A review of “The Silent Woman” by Terry Lynn Thomas

My last read was less than I’d hoped for so I was ready for some real action. Since thriller/espionage is a favorite genre of mine, the plot premise of “The Silent Woman” sounded very appealing. Cat (Catherine) is a society matron in a loveless marriage and she’s enticed at the prospect of helping her country in the run-up to WWII. Her assignment is to switch out some documents in her husband’s office, in effect feeding misinformation to whomever is leaking plans to foreign sources. As the narrative unfolds Cat’s husband is murdered and of course she is a suspect.

What ensues is an abundance of quarreling amongst an ungainly number of characters, many of whom are sneaking around, embroiled in their own unrelated subplots. At first glance the intrigue has promise but the characters never come to life and the plot is not really plausible. There’s no excitement or suspense or tension to pull the readers in and hold their attention. Apparently there is a sequel to the story, “The Family Secret” but, I’m not tempted to go for it. Three stars.

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