The Planner’s Guide to Sexual Discovery – A review of “Best Laid Plans” by Lauren Blakely

Arden is a planner who desperately wants to shed her good girl image, so she develops a strategy to explore and experience her sexuality. To reach her goal she needs a trusted partner and who better than her best friend Gabe? But Gabe’s reputation as a “once and done” guy means Arden must guard her heart and keep their relationship firmly in the friend zone. Since Gabe has always had the hots for Arden, he’s all in. No hardship at all. That is, until he learns she wants to limit her experience to practice mode only – a “dry run” so to speak.

In “Best Laid Plans” author Lauren Blakely dishes up a cute friends-to-lovers romance with just enough spice to avoid being saccharine. Although Arden and Gabe are likable they’re also stereotypical; the sexually repressed bookstore owner and the hunky love ‘em and leave ‘em firefighter. Not the most original but likable all the same. A surprising bonus was Gabe’s well-developed family relationships, especially that of his Pops. The narrative is carried by the two protagonists in alternating chapters and the action moves along nicely enough that I wasn’t tempted to read ahead and cut the story shorter than it already is. What it is is a light-hearted romance, a little spicy with a healthy dash of sexy. And that is exactly what I was looking for. Four stars.

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