Burn Warning! “The Hookup Handbook” by Kendall Ryan

After a successful career as a highly paid male escort, Case Smith is faced with a dilemma that in his line of work, is one of dire proportions. How dire is directly proportional to the, ahem, eight inch “tool” used in his trade. It seems his “tool” isn’t working, or rather, it only works when used on the lovely Sienna, his best friend’s sister. Uh oh! “The Hookup Handbook” is romantic comedy at its best. This unlikely couple has the best of both worlds – they work together all day and tear up the sheets and steam up the windows all night. The plot is largely the transformation of their relationship from employer/employee by day to lovers at night. All the while failing to be up front about it with Ryder, her brother and his best friend. The dialogue is witty and the love scenes are pure Kendall Ryan doing what she does best. “The Hookup Handbook” should come with a warning: To avoid burns, wear oven mitts when reading this book! Five stars.

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