Don’t Poke the Bear – A review of “Red Metal” by Mark Greaney and Hunter Ripley Rawlings IV, USMC

The Russian bear has awakened from her long slumber and she’s starving. Starving for power. In Asia, China is again threatening Taiwan’s independence and in eastern Europe, the Polish partisan fighters are trying valiantly to defend their homeland from Russia’s tyranny. All the above are merely precursors to the Russian army marching across Poland and Belarus to reach the seaport to sail around the Horn of Africa to a rare earth mine in Kenya. This is the same mine Russia was forced to cede three years earlier and Mother Russia wants it back. Rare earth ores are found in only a handful of places around the globe and are essential for production in today’s hi-tech world. And Russia wants to take back what she lost.

“Red Metal” is replete with a multi-layered plot, ala Clancy, with enough alphabet soup hi-tech hardware to satisfy the geek in all of us. Even better are the complex characters Greaney has breathed life into. He is a masterful writer who brings his reader into the thick of battle and before you know it, you can almost smell the fear and sweat and yes, even the blood. This richly plotted story is timely and chillingly relevant, especially in light of current geo-political stirrings. The obvious worry is the distinct possibility of a similar scenario in real time.

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#Red Metal” #Publication date: July 16, 2019

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