Bad, Badder, Baddest – Review of “Banking the Billionaire” by Max Monroe

After several chapters I started dithering about whether to keep reading “Banking the Billionaire” or find something better on my TBR list. But I stuck with it and am still ambivalent about whether or not it was worth it. The plot premise is good, the dual protagonists are original but way over the top on the eccentric scale, and the overused F-bombs and related gratuitous profanities get old very fast. Yes, I know part of Cassie and Thatcher’s personae is to see how outrageous they can be. Still, it gets tiring and adds needlessly to an already too long tale. To the overdone list you can also add the graphic sex scenes. I quite enjoy explicit and/or graphic sex passages but as with the swearing in this book, it’s as overdone as a charred steak. You wind up with something that is dry, tough and has almost no flavor. There are a few threads in the story where the prevailing maniacal behavior is toned down and approaches normalcy. It is a welcome respite from the frantic timbre of Book 2 in The Bad Boy Billionaires series. Three stars.

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