“Kissing Jenna” High Up in the Treetops – a review

Jenna Hull has achieved success in the male-dominated field of construction in part because of her strong work ethic but more importantly because she’s a creative thinker and knows how to get things done. Who but Jenna would think of building luxury ski in/ski out tree houses in the mountains of Montana? And it must’ve been fate that brought the Oscar-winning Christian Wolfe to Jenna’s beloved home of Cunningham Falls so he could learn to ski in preparation for his next movie. Christian’s life and career have been micro-managed to the point that he’s emotionally detached from living. He’s merely going through the motions, until he meets Jenna that is. She’s like the cool mountain air – briskly refreshing and gets your attention with her wholesome goodness. She isn’t impressed by his fame and fortune but there is definitely a mutual magnetism that pulls them together and forms steel-like bonds. But they live in different worlds and eventually Jenna and Christian are forced to confront those differences. Can their love withstand the strain?

“Kissing Jenna” is the second book in The Big Sky Series and is a sweet romance without being syrupy. The narrative is delivered by Jenna and Christian in alternating chapters. Christian evokes both empathy for his victimization, and frustration for permitting himself to be manipulated, especially by his manager/sister. Yet Jenna is the all-American female heroine with an entrepreneurial spirit who is strong, independent, intelligent and as a bonus, beautiful. The dialogue in this novel is the real gem. The plot, not so much, basically because there isn’t much of it. However, it is a fun read and that’s what I was looking for. Three and a half stars.

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