DNF “The Extraditionist” by Todd Merer

I don’t like to rate a DNF but Goodreads doesn’t give readers another option if we want to leave a review or comments. As I finished Chapter 15 I realized that:

– I neither liked the protagonist, Benn Bluestone, nor did I care what happened to him

– up to that point, there wasn’t one character that I could identify with or had any empathy for

– maybe worst of all, I couldn’t think of a single reason to keep reading past Chapter 15.

Thrillers and action/adventure are favorite genres and I’m not squeamish nor am I repulsed by graphic violence and/or sex. Depravity is a horse of a different color though. But as long as it’s in measured doses and not gratuitous, I can deal with it. However, what I read of “The Extraditionist” left a bad taste in my mouth and I couldn’t see my way to reading another 84 chapters.

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