The Storm’s Toll – A review of “Mine” by Courtney Cole

Tessa has spirited her children away to safety with their grandparents and returned to her beachside home to batten the hatches before the storm hits. As the outer bands of the hurricane approach, Tessa discovers nude photos of another woman on her husband’s iPad. As her rage at Ethan’s infidelity builds, she lures Lindsey to the house with messages ostensibly from Ethan. Tessa thought she was living her dream; married to her soulmate of 20 years, three wonderful children, a rewarding and lucrative career and the perfect house. But the dream morphed into a nightmare. Lindsey is “the other woman,” much younger – 26 to Tessa’s 40, lean and lithe and even though Tessa stays in shape and takes care of herself, Lindsey has made it her mission to concentrate on Ethan and lavish on him what Tessa hasn’t. All of her time and attention. As the category four hurricane rages outside, inside are two women engaged in battle, each fighting to save her relationship with the same man. In “Mine” author Courtney Cole reveals the terror of being trapped inside by a major hurricane while life as you knew it is destroyed as you learn of your husband’s affair. We learn that deception has many faces but is Lindsey the only other woman? Are there more? What is real and what is reality? Cole’s perceptive use of the hurricane as a metaphor for the ruination of a marriage and the annihilation of the hopes and dreams of a young woman is clever and astute. “Mine” packs an emotional wallop and delivers spine-chilling suspense with enough twists and turns to keep you reading right into and through the eye of the storm. My thanks to Net Galley for furnishing an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Five stars.

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