Cavity Checkup – Review of “Your Love is Mine” by Bella Andre

I’ve always considered Bella Andre one of my Go-To authors. I could always be assured of an enjoyable read from her but I’m underwhelmed after reading “Your Love is Mine”. The story is told in third person and the two protagonists are each okay characters but, they’re uninspiring. Cassie is so sugary sweet she makes my teeth hurt and Flynn is wrapped tightly enough in his angst that he doesn’t evoke much empathy or even sympathy for his plight. And dear little Ruby seems to be endowed with abilities far beyond that of most six month old babies. But beyond the character credibility issues is the lack of any real tension or conflict, or even a plot for that matter. Even the sex scenes or love-making was ho-hum. But if you need some non-fattening, no-cavity-causing-sugar for your next read, this should do the trick. Three stars.