Legal Eagle Babysitter – Review “Stiff Drink” by Blair Babylon

In “Stiff Drink” we’re introduced to Genevieve Ward, newly-minted barrister serving her pupillage (kind of an internship), who has inherited a titled client with a reputation as a disreputable playboy. Arthur Finch-Hatten, Earl of Severn is a partier of epic proportions and Gen is tasked with keeping him out of mischief, or at least keeping his name out of the tabloids until his case comes to trial. Author Babylon offers up solid character development, lush architectural descriptions, a plot with a peek into possible clandestine goings-on, and the beginnings of an erotic romance that’s hot enough to singe your fingertips. Four stars. Alas, Book #1 of the Arthur Duet merely whets your appetite. To satisfy that hunger you’ll have to read Book #2, “Hard Liquor.” I can promise you won’t be disappointed.

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