Review – “Soaring with Fallon” by Kristen Proby

As a die-hard romance lover, I always enjoy Kristen Proby’s books and since I’m also a dedicated yogi (RYT200 certified), I was all in when I read the blurb for “Soaring with Fallon”. It’s easy to see the author did her research as it pertains to the discipline of yoga and, I’m guessing also in the area of Noah’s work, rescuing and rehabbing birds of prey. The characters of Fallon and Noah are not just likable but also believable and it was fun to revisit characters from previous Proby books. Kinda’ like a fictional family reunion. Fallon blossoms in Cunningham Falls, Montana and becomes an integral part of the community. When she comes upon an injured eagle she has to find a way to help him, which is how she meets and winds up falling for Noah. And who wouldn’t fall for a hottie like him? It’s a wonder they don’t set the bed on fire with the sparks that fly when they get together. But it’s not all hearts and flowers. The plot development offers up plenty of drama and conflict, creating enough tension to balance out the sweetness. Yes, it’s a case of insta-love/lust but, so what? It’s supposed to be a feel-good romance and that is exactly what I wanted today. Four stars.

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