Hard to Defend – A Review of “Defending Morgan” by Susan Stoker

The plot premise of the third book in the Mountain Mercenaries series has the potential to be an intriguing romantic adventure. In “Defending Morgan” the basic elements exist in the characters, the plot and its setting but the execution is sadly lacking. Archer “Arrow” Kane is on the Mercenaries team that rescues a little girl who was kidnapped and Morgan Byrd, who was held captive for more than a year in Santo Domingo. During that time Morgan was subjected to repeated abuses, but it seems to have had virtually no long-lasting ill effects. The physical toll from near starvation and the psychological trauma would be devastating to anyone but we’re supposed to believe that Morgan is above all that? Then there’s the problem of who engineered her kidnapping and why? The answer to that question stretches the bounds of credibility. Add in the sophomoric dialogue and lackluster writing style and all I can do is shake my head.

I’ve been a Susan Stoker fan since early on but after finishing “Defending Morgan” I began to rethink my position. So I went back and reread all my Stoker reviews and, of the early reads, two I failed to review, two were 4 stars and one 5 star. However, of the last four titles; there is one 2 star and three 3 star reviews. Oops! That’s now five titles and four 3 star reviews. Hmmm.

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