“Getting Hot with the Scot” is Wickedly Funny & Sexy

Debut novels are a little like trying out a new restaurant. You can’t know if it’s any good until you’ve eaten there. So I was thrilled at the opportunity to read Melonie Johnson’s “Getting Hot with the Scot” which is the first book in the Sometimes in Love series. Cassie Crow is a pop culture TV talk show reporter who dreams about being a serious journalist but, for right now, she and her gal pals are on the last leg of their long-awaited UK tour. They’re finally going through an honest-to-goodness castle, complete with all its medieval accoutrements. Cassie is a bit tipsy from the tour’s whisky tasting and she’s searching for the loo when she stumbles across Logan Reid. Decked out in all his kilted glory, Logan could have stepped off the cover of a romance novel and Cassie, in her scotch-filled haze, moves in for a steamy panty-melting kiss. No fool he, Logan is definitely “up” for Cassie’s adventuresome spirit. Logan speaks with a burr that could charm the knickers off any female from 14 to 90 and he loves to pull others into the kooky pranks he pulls on the unsuspecting. Cassie unwittingly falls “victim” to one of his practical jokes and what follows is a wonderfully imaginative and original plot with perfect pacing, fun-filled characters you’ll fall in love with and a romance with enough heat to steam up the windows AND curl the wallpaper. This little gem is skillfully penned with well-turned phrases, fresh wit and a wickedly funny sense of humor that had me grinning and laughing out loud. Johnson’s writing is articulate and expressive with no wasted words or “fluffy” fillers. I read “Getting Hot with the Scot” in one sitting and have already started a re-read. A rare occurrence for me. Melonie Johnson may be new to the party but I can see her being quickly catapulted to the top of the romance genre.

Thank you to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC (Advance Readers Copy) and the opportunity to review this delightful novel.

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