Censoring Reviews?

I need to vent and perhaps even rant a little so, hear me out please. Then feel free to add your two cents. I’d love to know other readers’ opinions on the subject.

I posted a review of Kendall Ryan’s “Boyfriend for Hire” recently. In it, I used the pejorative term asshat. Not what I’d consider “profane or obscene” but a certain major online retailer refused to post my review, because it “violates their guidelines.” Really? Obviously, they have the right to publish reviews as they see fit but do any of you readers find that term offensive? Especially considering the book I reviewed is a romance, complete with a healthy serving of explicit sex. It’s downright laughable when you think about it. But to avoid offending their sensibilities, I edited my review by substituting asterisks for the esses in the so-called noted obscenity. We’ll see if it’s accepted.

By the way, this is not my first offense with this particular retail giant but the other instances were equally tame. I am curious to know if any of you have come up against this issue. Anyway, thank you for “listening” to my rant.


Savannag, GA