“Boyfriend for Hire” by Kendall Ryan – Review

As a big fan of Kendall Ryan I’m always excited when she has a new release so “Boyfriend for Hire” was a no-brainer. Nic is the perfect male escort. He’s perfectly GQ handsome, a perfect gentleman and perfection in the bedroom. Hoo boy! But Mr. Perfect falls for one of his clients and breaks his own rules. Elle is not your typical fashionably-thin female protagonist. She’s a curvy, intelligent woman but she was just dumped by her a**hat boyfriend and she needs a drop-dead gorgeous escort for her brother’s wedding. Nic easily fills this void. Their connection clicks and a weekend turns into much more. Elle is smart enough to realize there’s something about Nic that doesn’t quite jibe, only she can’t put her finger on what it is. Can he come clean about his job? Can they have a future?

I love the plot premise and the two protagonists. What’s not to love, right? Well, for starters the character development never really happened. Aside from some meager bits and pieces of info, we don’t get any real insight into the characters and their backgrounds. The bones of a good story are here but there’s no real meat on those bones. Part of the problem is the length. Ryan is cranking titles out at an astoundingly rapid pace but they’re only averaging about 250 pages. That’s barely novel length. Some could be better classified as novellas, which do not allow for full character and plot development.

Kendall Ryan’s writing has always had heart but her style and technique have really developed and improved. Part of that is because she’s doing what good writers do. They write. So, do keep writing but, can we have some more meat please?

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