A review of “The Victory Garden” by Rhys Bowen

Aside from the obvious difference in timelines from those of “The Tuscan Child” and “In Farleigh Field”, “The Victory Garden” has an entirely different feel to it. I devoured it in one sitting, only putting it down only long enough to put a couple of loads in the washer and dryer and to make a sandwich. Having previously heard the term Land Girls, I didn’t really know who they were or what they did. Even better was getting to know them individually, each from such wide-ranging backgrounds and experiences. All the more fantastic considering the WWI era and how rapidly society was becoming more egalitarian in its makeup. But what was truly special was the connection with former inhabitants of the cottage that Emily Bryce experienced and the special bond she developed with Lady Charlton. An uncommonly warm feeling came over me as I finished reading “The Victory Garden.” A very satisfying five stars.

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