“Nice and Easy” (Boys of the Big Easy) by Erin Nicholas – Review

Head Games and Role Play

I’m always up for a novel set in NOLA but when it’s a romance starring a hot firefighter? That’s a recipe for my Must Read list.

  • Firefighter Caleb has a hero complex and control issues and is uncle and legal guardian to niece Shay.
  • Lexi is a single mother of Jack and an ER nurse with a secret desire to be a bedroom submissive.
  • Add in developmental issues of 4 year old Shay.
  • Next add precocious 2 year old Jack who has a weird habit of “saving” any and all foods in his pockets, even pudding. (Do most garments for 2 year olds even have pockets?)
  • Blend in a single parent support group.
  • Move Lexie and Jack in with Caleb and Shay: living together and co-parenting but no hanky-panky (yet) even though there’s a very strong mutual attraction.
  • Let the mixture simmer through the getting to know you stage.
  • Bring to a boil and add a dollop of erotic romance.
  • Mix in equal parts of head games and bedroom role play.
  • Stir in a gallon of parenting blather and you end up with a sweet and spicy goulash, with the accent on the spicy part.

Sometimes the results don’t live up to the pleasures suggested by the ingredients. I know my opinion is not in accord with the majority but, while it was cute, there’s no real meat in this stew, unless you consider the romantic relationship itself as the beef. But it didn’t satisfy my hunger for a romance in The Big Easy. Three stars.