Lovers & Dog Lovers – Review – “Old Dog New Tricks” by Roxanne St. Claire

I’ve followed The Dogfather series faithfully and thoroughly enjoyed “Old Dog New Tricks”. Daniel and Katie’s story is heartwarming with a soul-satisfying glow. That said, the series has become formulaic, albeit with a few surprises thrown in here and there to keep things interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I love Roxanne St. Claire’s books. I’ve read almost everything she’s published to-date and being a dog lover, the Dogfather stories have been great “feel-goods” with consistent HEAs. However, the Barefoot Bay and Bullet Catcher stories are my favorite series, and my all-time fave is one of her earliest, a stand-alone, “Space in His Heart”. I would love to see more romantic suspense from St. Claire, which in my opinion, is the genre where she really shines.

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