Kill or Be Killed – “What Doesn’t Kill Her” by Christina Dodd

The Cape Charade series was unknown to me when I spotted “What Doesn’t Kill Her” but since I admire Christina Dodd’s storytelling skills, I quickly snapped up Book 2. However, not having read the first in the series I was a little lost early on, especially with Kellan’s Rolodex-style of mental file formatting. Why was she estranged from her seven year old daughter and why would she want to hide from her? With no knowledge of the characters and their backstories, it took several chapters to get comfortable with the plot premise but once I did, the pieces began falling into place.* So I settled in for a suspense-filled yarn like Dodd does so well. The story is intense with some unexpected twists but the pacing fell off about midway through, picking back up as the action increased. The plot line seems original, the characters are well developed and the dialogue is clever. And the precocious seven year old Rae is an absolute hoot! So forget about whatever you should be doing and lose yourself in an entertaining read.

*In hindsight, I recommend reading Book 1 so as to avoid the feeling of “What the hell is going on here?”

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