You Have to Start Somewhere

This is a first post so please bear with me. My primary purpose for my ReadMyLips blog is as a vehicle for book reviews. My most recent is “We Shouldn’t” by one of my favorite authors; Vi Keeland.

After my last few reads I was in need of lighter fare, preferably a “feel-good” romance. Vi Keeland’s newest novel, proved to be the perfect antidote. In “We Shouldn’t” an ad agency merger means there can be only one Director of Marketing so Annalise and Bennett find themselves vying for the same job. As the competition heats up, so does their frenemy relationship. The sexy, snarky banter is light-hearted and entertaining and Bennett’s backstory provides a depth of character that’s uncommon in the average romance novel. Annalise’s character is more subtle and nuanced. She’s a good foil to Bennett, though not at all one-dimensional. Keeland is one of my Go To authors and she’s got it all going on here; sexy romance, clever dialogue, credible, well developed characters and an all ‘round good read. Five stars from this reader.